Taking your bike out for a spin on days when the roads are a little wet is a risky venture. But when winter’s icy glaze finally covers the land, your riding days are over. Or are they? Not when your bike has its own ice skates.

Developed in Buffalo, New York, home of some of the country’s worst winter weather, the ice bike replaces the front tire with a steerable metal skate, while four additional blades underneath an attached base help keep the bicycle upright and balanced on slippery terrain.


The ice bike is ridden like any other bike using a pair of pedals which spin the back tire that’s covered in tiny metal studs for added traction. But is being able to ride a bike all-year long worth $2,500 to you? It’s an impossible sell to anyone living in warmer climates, but those of us who find ourselves stuck indoors during the winter months because of the ice and snow will relish any opportunity to get outside again. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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