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A Blind Camera For The Photographically Challenged

Illustration for article titled A Blind Camera For The Photographically Challenged

The Blind Camera is perfect for those people bored by the mass-produced point and shoot cameras. There's no viewfinder, no lens, or flash. All it has on the outside is an LCD screen and a shutter button.


Inside is a Sony Ericsson cellphone that pulls down images from Flickr. Whenever you click the shutter button, the cellphone pings Flickr and downloads an image that has the same timestamp as your shutter press. It's not an instant camera as it takes a few minutes for an image to appear, but it sure is a clever use of modern technology. Wish I had thought of it first. [Blinks and Buttons via LikeCool]

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This isn't a camera. It's just a fancy View-Master...