We've seen Bandai's wonderful Iron Man figure already, but new images from Figure King Magazine have shown off even more Age of Ultron figures in the line - including a glimpse at Bandai's first ever figuarts take on the Hulk.


Although the image isn't the best quality, being a picture of a magazine page and all, Figure King's spread on the AoU line is packed with promo pictures, so hopefully we'll see better quality shots of the figures in the near future, but for now, here's the image:

The bulk of the page is given over to the new Captain America figure, wearing the suit seen in the upcoming movie, and he looks pretty great, a decent improvement on Bandai's previous take on the character in their Avengers series. Edit: As Hououin Kyouma points out in the comments, I'm getting Figuarts mixed up with Figma Cap. Turns out, this a first Cap for Figuarts, hooray for new toys! There's also a teeny teaser of Thor too - but the big reveal is their Hulk figure, and hoo boy he looks great.

Scaled with the rest of the 6", it's a beast of a figure - considering Thor comes up to his elbow joint, the Hulkster has got to be a good 9 or 10 inches tall - and although he's wearing the new stretchy pants Tony made for AoU, the headsculpt seems to take a lot more of a comic-book approach to the character (especially with the comically huge brow) rather than aping the vaguely Ruffalo-esque Hulk of the MCU. Either way, it's an impressive looking figure.


It's awesome to see Bandai branch out the line this time around with a Hulk, but I'd love to see Black Widow and Hawkeye get some love. The figuarts toys are pricey, but great - it'd be sad not to have the whole team in the scale! Alas, Figure King says there's no current price or release date planned for these figures, so if you want to pre-order one, you might be waiting for a little while longer.

[Tag Hobby via Toyark]

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