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A Board Game That Has You Guess Ridiculous Internet Search Predictions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How often have you found yourself scratching your head in bewilderment over the ridiculous autocomplete suggestions that Google makes for you? They can often be as hilarious as they are absurd, which is what inspired sisters Phoebe Stephens and Nikki Flowerday to turn those search engine predictions into a board game called Query.

To create the game, over 1,000 actual internet searches like "Why do my..." or "What to do if you get c..." were entered over a million times into the most popular search engines used in North America. And the most common autocomplete suggestions were collected to create the game cards for Query.


The game is played in a similar fashion to Balderdash, but instead of thinking up definitions to obscure words, players create their own autocomplete suggestions for a given search criteria. These are then mixed in with an actual search prediction, and points are gained for correctly predicting which one is real, or by fooling other players into voting for your creation.


Nikki and Phoebe could have certainly gone the app route with their creation, but half the fun of finding a ridiculous search engine suggestion is sharing it with friends. So turning this idea into a party game ensures that you're never the only person laughing. And while the game originally launched on Kickstarter, Query is finally available for sale through Amazon for just $28 if you didn't contribute to the crowdfunding initiative and have finally gotten completely bored with Settlers of Catan. [Query]