A boy accidentally summons a succubus who tries to get him a girlfriend

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Normally, summoning a succubus is a recipe for sexy doom, but the demon teenaged Teddy accidentally binds himself to is Chloe Love, a succubus with a soft heart. She makes it her mission to save Teddy's soul the only way she can—by getting him a girlfriend.


Dangerously Chloe is part of the Pixie Trix stable of webcomics, which collects comics by Gisèle Lagacé and David Lumsdon. Ménage à 3 is the crown jewel of the network, an R-rated sex comedy set mostly in Montreal that uses aspects of the hāremumono genre, but twists its tropes along the way and goes beyond the love life of the male protagonist. Dangerously Chloe spins off the more PG (but still sexy) Eerie Cuties, which centers on a school for monsters. DC is written by Lumsdon and drawn by Cassandra Wedeking, who does a fine job of aping Lagacé's style.

Dangerously Chloe finds Chloe a bit older than she was in Eerie Cuties (although her former classmates are still the same age; time travels differently in the underworld), but no wiser. She is summoned back to Earth when Teddy accidentally makes a blood pact with a creepy statue in a local museum, wishing for a girlfriend. Chloe would be happy to fulfill that role, but there's a catch: once she and Teddy have sex, he'll die and be immediately condemned to Hell. Naturally, Teddy doesn't want to be damned for all eternity and Chloe agrees to help him out of his contract. But the only way for Teddy to save his soul is to get himself a girlfriend, which is proving to be a difficult task.

So Chloe settles into a household with Teddy and his younger sister Abby (their parents are, conveniently, usually absent), taking on the role of a meddling, supernatural older sister. But as Chloe herself notes, she's basically a cupid whose powers all have evil applications, and she's not particularly well suited to the role of matchmaker. She may mean well, but she tends to wreck Teddy's life in a variety of amusing ways—even when she's not trying to keep her superiors from finding out her benevolent intentions or dealing with a mischievous pal with a knack for ticking off angels.

While the stakes may be Teddy's soul, Dangerously Chloe thwarts expectations by being resolutely lighthearted. The worst punishment succubi dole out to one another is time spent in an incredibly itchy sweater, and while the succubi might be evil, it's a pretty low-level evil. Their worst threat to heaven seems to be stealing smooches from the wrong fellow. In fact, time spent with a succubus is quite enjoyable, provided that succubus isn't getting involved in your love life.

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Corpore Metal

Not that I don't greatly appreciate the webcomics reviews because I do. Davis has pointed me to some real wonderful gems over the years but—

Wasn't this the plot of Weird Science? Or just about about every Knack song there ever was? Or in more modern times, long after my dusty old punk generation, just about every mildly hentai-ish light novel there ever was?

I apologize but perhaps a small explanation is in order for my sour grapes response. The subject matter is just too depressing and teen angsty, even at the lofty age of 50, for me to really be interested in it. As an ex-nerd boy, now a nerd man, I just can't abide reading stories about teenaged sexual highjinx. Too painful, too dysfunctional, too fucked up. Don't wanna read someone else's "rewrite the high school pain" Mary Sue story.