Trump was explaining to a crowd how great TiVo is, in a longwinded way to explain how the press was dishonest. OK.

And it’s not just The Donald that loves TiVo. In an interview with People back in October 2015, Melania Trump cited TiVo in a section about how her TV tastes differ from her more orange husband.

She and Trump share a love of Elton John and Pavarotti, but when it comes to TV, “I say, you watch your own stuff and I watch mine,” she says. “We have Tivo! It’s a great relationship.”


It’s unclear whether Barron Trump—described by his father as “so good with these computers”—also bows down at the alter of TiVo.

Incidentally, TiVo the company, doesn’t always seem to love Donald Trump. The official Twitter account for the company posted a #DumpTrump tweet back in July 2015, early in Trump’s campaign.


However, this tweet was sent before the aforementioned clip was posted to YouTube, so either TiVo is bullshitting us or its communications teams aren’t entirely in sync. (We’ve reached out to the company for comment on its number one fan, and we’ll update if we hear back.)


One final burning question: Does the Trump’s TiVo have the sounds enabled (you know, that great “boop, boop” noise), or did he turn that shit off to save everyone else’s sanity?