A Built-In Handle Lets You Empty This Sink Strainer With Less Touching

Illustration for article titled A Built-In Handle Lets You Empty This Sink Strainer With Less Touching

It's the lesser of two evils. After rinsing or washing dishes in the kitchen sink, do you let all those food scraps simply go down the drain, possibly clogging it? Or reach in and then empty the sink strainer in the garbage, risking physical contact with all that gross food waste? There's finally a middle ground, though: a redesigned sink strainer called the Tweak with a raised handle that keeps your fingers clear of all that crud.


Made from flexible silicone, the Tweak is designed to sit atop your sink's regular stopper, adding an extra layer of filtration that's easier to carry to the garbage. It's not quite as easy as using a garbage disposal mounted underneath a sink, but at just eight bucks for a large or small version, you'll never have to hire a repair person if it breaks.

The Tweak is starting life on Kickstarter, so the usual caveats with crowdfunding initiatives do apply here. But it's already raised twice the funds it was hoping to, and in this case there are no software bugs or hardware glitches that might delay the Tweak's intended August release. [Kickstarter - Tweak via designboom]



Two words: garbage disposal. You can get one for less than $200 and can install it yourself in 30 minutes. Boom, problem solved.