A Built-In Projector Manages To Make This Crappy Media Player Even Worse

Desperately clinging to a product category that smartphones have all but wiped out, this tiny media player has its sights set on the iPod Shuffle. And it hopes to nip away at its market share with a killer feature—a built-in projector—that only succeeds in making this device even worse.

Being able to enjoy videos and other media on a projected 60-inch screen sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately the size of this projector means that's never going to happen. There's no mention of how bright it is—its lumens rating—which basically means for best results you'll want to use it a completely dark room, or better yet, near a black hole. As a media player it can handle pretty much every file type the internet can throw at it, but its tiny form factor means there's also a tiny battery in there. So don't expect to be enjoying movies for any longer than half an hour. Save your $100 and go to the theater a bunch of times. Or just do nothing. Both are better options that this.


[Brando via Technabob]

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