A car and drones spinning around in a circle is a fantastic light show

Here’s a really cool video that’s a little bit trippy and a lot of bit fun. A car and a fleet of quadcopter drones are outfitted with lights and then made to dance and spin and move around while a camera captures them. It’s light painting but with a car and drones as the paintbrush.

GMUNK, which did this with The Creators Project, writes:

Light can be interpreted over time as a lateral, striking way to show speed when captured as a long-exposure — it’s the equivalent to a motion path in an animation program, it’s how we can quantify speed and maneuverability in an easily digestible visual representation. So they outfitted every machine in the film with addressable LEDs which allowed them to play with this exciting ingredient of light painting and the ability to manipulate their motion constructs, fully exploring form and composition which paved the way to an array of seductive visuals.


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Mustang 'DontHitTheCrowd' GT

Those lights are quite beautiful, and trippy.

That being said, they could’ve picked a better looking car - that gaping face is pretty hideous.