A Chart Of All The Most Overrated And Underrated Movies

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What are most overrated and underrated movies of all? This chart attempts to finally give us a definitive answer to that question, with data. [UPDATED]

The chart is the work of Benjamin Moore, a PhD student in computational biology at the University of Edinburgh. [UPDATE: Moore is stopping into the comments now to take questions! Username:Ben Moore] Moore used data from Rotten Tomatoes for over 1200 films to look at where the critic and audience opinion split was the strongest.


What's striking is that, by and large, critical opinion and audience opinion mostly overlapped (enough that the Pearson coefficient — a measure of the correlations between two variables that can fall on a scale between -1 and +1 — came in at 0.71).

It's the places that the data didn't overlap, though, that Moore pulled the most underrated (in the chart on red) and the most overrated (in blue) movies. The strongest outliers on each end are also labeled on the chart.


Did your pick for most overrated and underrated movies make it on to the chart? Tell us about the movies that you think are other overrated or underrated, and why, in the comments now.

You can also read more — and check out the full code he used to run the analysis — over at Moore's blog here.