A Cheap Jet Ski Alternative That Runs on Sunlight

As fun as they may be, personal watercraft like jet skis and powerboats drink fuel like there's no tomorrow. They're fun toys for those with plenty of disposal income, but British designer Ross Kemp wants to make them more universal with his ASAP. It's a cheap electric alternative to jet skis and powered surfboards that charges via the sun so you won't need to keep filling a gas tank every weekend.

Designed primarily as an affordable tool for lifeguards and other on-the-water rescue personnel, the ASAP—which of course stands for As Soon As Possible—can currently hit a top speed of 15 miles per hour. But future commercial-ready versions should be capable of much higher speeds if battery life isn't a concern for the operator.


The ASAP's V-shaped catamaran-like hull cuts through choppy waters providing maximum stability while transporting someone in need of rescue with minimal drag to max out its power reserves. But it's not all about work. Once the design is finalized, Kemp hopes to introduce the ASAP into the leisure craft market as a cheaper alternative to the high-powered speed demons currently tearing up quiet lakes. It won't be as fast as those options, but as a quiet way to zip across a lake it will certainly be more enjoyable than doggy-paddling. [ASAP Water Craft via CNN]

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