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A City That's Built at the Bottom of a Lake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's something you don't see every day: a town built in the middle of a lake. Not on an island, but actually below water level. It's the ancient city of Seuthopolis, in Bulgaria, which was discovered in 1948. Six years later, a dam was destroyed and it was covered in water, ending up at the bottom of a huge lake. Now, the city is being unearthed via the most insane architectural project ever.

This is going to be done via the construction of a huge circular dike that'll be a whopping 1,377 feet in diameter and 65 feet high. People will be able to access the recessed city by boat, heading down into it to see the city. And the focus isn't on archeology here, but rather on tourism, with Bulgaria looking to create a striking image that draws people in. And really, there are few things that make a town more striking than have it sit on the bottom of a lake. Cool stuff. [Battlestar Props via This Isn't Happiness]