A Clever Front-Loading Picture Frame Makes Swapping Artwork Easy

Have you ever spent a few maddening hours trying to get a photo perfectly centered behind a matboard in a frame? It's made all the more difficult because you have to blindly arrange the upside-down pieces from the back of the frame. So why has it taken this long for someone to come up with a picture frame that easily loads from the front?


The Flip Frame is one of those brilliant creations you'll want to buy yesterday. The frame's outer border pops open on hinges, so you can perfectly align everything you're framing while looking at it, before putting the protective layer of glass on top and sealing it all up.

The smallest 8x10 version of the Flip Frame is just $25, while the largest poster-sized 24x36 option is a little steeper at $75. The larger size only comes with a black frame, but you might overlook that limitation given how easy it is to swap out the artwork inside once you get bored of it. [Subtract Frame]

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