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A Clever Lamp Without a Bulb That Still Projects a Classic Silhouette

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You can buy light bulbs with every kind of color temperature, brightness, and finish you can imagine these days. So the need for a lamp shade to diffuse, soften, and direct their light is all but unnecessary—unless you yearn for that classic lamp silhouette. In that case, this LED lamp from YOY design is a clever compromise.

The lamp's LED light source is tucked away inside a trapezoid-shaped recess so that when it's turned on, it projects the shape of a classic lamp shade on the wall.


It not only delivers a bit of nostalgia, it also helps to diffuse the lamp's glow since it fills a room after bouncing off a wall. It's unfortunate that the effect really only works from a very specific angle—but if you've got a favorite armchair, you'll now know exactly where to position it. [YOY design via designboom]