The next time you're trying to hack open a shipping box and get tape stuck all over your car keys, you'll wish that FedEx and UPS would adopt designer ChenChen Hu's clever Corner Pack. It's a re-imagined version of the standard delivery box that skips the packing tape for clever folds and a dented corner with an easily accessible tab that opens the whole thing up.


Making a box that's easier to open usually has the unwanted side effect of increasing the chances of the package accidentally popping open during transport. But because the access tab sits in a recessed corner of the box, there's less chance of it being brushed or snagged while stacked amongst other packages in the back of a delivery truck. And because the box doesn't need be entombed in packing tape to keep it sealed, the cardboard is much easier to break down and recycle afterwards. [Behance - Chenchen Hu via Taxi]