A Clever Segmented Hinge Ensures These Glasses Fit Anyone's Face

Most eyewear innovations these days involve the addition of tiny screens and cameras to turn your glasses into a 'smart' interface for your phone. But a company called REM Eyewear has actually come up with a clever way to improve the glasses themselves with a unique segmented hinge and cable system that helps them not only fit any sized head, but also stay put when worn.


On most glasses the temples (or arms as many people call them) are hinged but only move in one direction, allowing them to be folded flat for easy storage when not worn. But with these new Spine glasses the hinge is made up of multiple segments all held together by a single cable within, allowing the temples to move in, out, and even up and down. So they should be able to adjust and comfortably fit almost any sized head or face, and even maintain a strong hold with a a constant gentle hug so they're not always sliding down.

Available soon in both optical and non-prescription sunglass styles, the Spine frames will sell for around $217 to $250 in stores and online, which means your days of constantly having to push your glasses back up onto your face might soon be over. [Spine Optics]


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