A Closer Look At The Mighty Guns On Avatar's Power Suit

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Last week, we saw the lush jungle life from James Cameron's Avatar. This week, take a better look at a future society's robotic way of getting from point A to B, but with a big gun. UPDATE: It's fan art.


According to a tipster, this is a closer look at the AMP Powersuit from James Cameron's motion capture film Avatar. This concept art, supposedly by James Clyne, is set to be included in a brochure promoting an Avatar tie-in game for Ubisoft. And it'll appear in Titan's upcoming book on The Art Of Avatar. That's assuming it's real concept art, of course. It hasn't been confirmed by Fox, so take it with a grain of salt.

The big shiny gun hoisted up on the shoulder, Predator style, makes me wonder how much of this movie will be the overly trigger happy humans shooting up a bunch of peaceful aliens over a misunderstanding on planet Pandora. Then we all learn a valuable moral lesson, like even though we're different on the outside, we all have the same feelings or something.


Also the little figure inside the belly of the robot beast certainly does look an awful lot like star Sam Worthington, who appeared to have crash-landed on the green planet in previous pictures. Perhaps this power suit is the main characters preferred method of transportation, when he's not using an alien "Avatar"?

Despite the massive amount of similarities between the previously released art and this image, we can't be 100% sure if this is the real deal. But you have to admit it looks fairly convincing. What say you, io9ers?


UPDATE: Sorry guys, according to Fox, it's just lovely fan art. We'll have to wait for the next big reveal.