A Closer Look At the PSP GPS Device

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We have a closer look and more details on the PSP GPS Addon we saw last week. The GPS goes on top of your PSP and can actually be folded down when not in use, making your PSP a little less bulbous. We're not sure whether folding it will disable it, since the top part looks like it serves as an antenna.


Also, in addition to using the GPS as a regular navigation system, it's going to be used in games! Titles like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops will take advantage of the GPS, probably making you run around your neighborhood like a doofus to keep Snake out of harm's way. Other games that will take advantage of this will probably be Double Dragon: Fist of the GPS, Castlevania: Concerto of Driving Directions, and Sonic Universe: Pull Over And Enter The Address Again Tails, We'll Never F***ing Find Dr. Robotnik This Way.

A Much Closer Look at the PSP GPS [pspupdates via Slashgear]

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