Illustration for article titled A Closer Look Into the Chinese Cities That Make Our Bra Clasps, Plastic Bags and Other Everyday Gadgets

National Geographic has a fantastic story about the "instant cities" in China that have been popping up in response to the tremendous manufacturing boom in the last few decades. These cities are home to manufacturers who specialize in one niche product—such as bra rings, bra straps, plastic bags, or blue jeans—and sell them to the rest of the world.


Often times, these facilities account for 50% of the entire world's production of that particular product, a mind-blowing number by any account. If you ever wondered how the actual people who make these products live and work, check out the National Geographic feature. It's a nice contrast to see the beginning of the lifecycle of a gadget to contrast with the end of one we saw last week. [National Geographic via Boing Boing - Photo by Mark Leong]


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