A Cocktail Glass Designed To Work In Zero Gravity

Illustration for article titled A Cocktail Glass Designed To Work In Zero Gravity

Most passengers can't even get on a plane without a few drinks from the airport bar first. So how do you expect to get the average flyer onto a rocket ship for space tourism if the logistics of zero gravity make drinking during the trip problematic? Easy, you design a martini glass that's specifically-engineered to work in space without spilling.


What makes the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass such a breakthrough is a series of grooves on the inside that take advantage of capillary action to coax liquids from the bottom up into your mouth without them simply floating away. All you need to do is sip, and the liquid will be drawn up through the maze.

The glasses aren't available for sale just yet—only 3D-printed mockups exist at the moment. But its creators believe it could be also made from glass or even stainless steel if the idea catches on. And given how exclusive space tourism is at the moment, it's safe to assume there will be plenty of people willing to celebrate their first trip to orbit. In the meantime, here's to drinking on the Vomit Comet. [Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation via Dvice]



Yes, but since I'm not going to space... does it float in the pool?