A Compact Semi-Portable Keyboard With Genuine Mechanical Keys

There’s just nothing quite like the sound and feel of typing away on a keyboard with genuine mechanical switches under each key. But while most mechanical keyboards are giant and designed to permanently live on your desk, the TEX Yoda has a much smaller form factor and footprint making it easier to travel with so you’ll never have to settle for typing on a portable keyboard’s Chiclet keys ever again.

But there’s another reason to consider upgrading to the TEX Yoda even if you never plan to take it on the road. In the middle of the keyboard is a genuine TrackPoint joystick, complemented by three function keys below the space bar, giving you full mouse control without your fingers ever having to leave the keys.


To avoid any battery life issues the TEX Yoda doesn’t have any wireless capabilities whatsoever. It’s USB-tethered all the way, but it does include an additional port on the back for connecting flash drives or other peripherals since it’s permanently occupying one of your computer’s ports. And that might leave some people scratching their heads as to why a wired compact keyboard costs $200, but those people have clearly never experienced the joy of pounding away on a set of mechanical keys. [Massdrop via The Awesomer]

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