Looking out a window at fresh snow is beautiful. Even in cities there's a moment where everything is pristine, nothing is moving, and the snow dampens any noise. But if you're not stoked for winter or you live somewhere with eternal sunshine you can get your snow fix another way.

Artist Yasuaki Onishi is no stranger to hot glue, but he usually uses it with plastic sheeting to create a look of visual continuity. At an exhibit in Kyoto, though, he displayed something different by covering tree branches in glue for a more intermittent effect. Onishi also sprayed the whole installation with urea dissolved in water to produce snow-like crystals and created a backdrop from black glue and graphite. Vertical Emptiness showed until last week, and Onishi is exhibiting next week at the Rokko Meets Art festival in Kobe. [Spoon & Tamago]