Mix One Part Hot Glue, One Part Plastic Sheeting and You Have a Beautiful, Bizarre Art Installation

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Sometimes wondrous beauty can surprise us by being made with the most mundane materials. Such is definitely the case with artist Yasuaki Onishi's 2012 installation entitled Reverse of Volume RG.

This wondrous display recalls images of mountain ranges and torrential downpours, all suspended eerily above the gallery floor. It was made by draping plastic sheets over cardboard boxes, then dripping hot glue from the ceiling to freeze the plastic in space.


The time lapse video below shows the process from start to finish.


The installation is a commission for the Rice University Gallery in Houston, and is on display until June 24, 2012. If you are in the area, go check it out! [Vimeo / Rice University Gallery via My Modern Met]

Images: Nash Baker © nashbaker.com