A Crazy New Rumor Adds Another Batman Character to the DC Movie Universe

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And another seemingly reveals the entire guest cast of Batman v Superman. People are already throwing their hat into the ring for Deadpool 2 roles. Chandler Riggs eyes up Carl’s future on The Walking Dead. The cast of Young Justice want to get your hopes up again. Plus, new Allegiant footage. To me, my Spoilers!


Batman v Superman

A twitter account styling itself as a Daily Planet-themed DC movie rumors source is claiming that Kingsman’s Taron Egerton is being lined up for the role of Jason Todd—the incarnation of Robin murdered by the Joker—in the DC cinematic universe.

As with all unsourced rumors, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt—but considering Batman v Superman has at least been teasing the former presence of a Robin in its trailers, it’s perhaps not surprising to consider the possibility that Warner Bros. are looking to introduce a living version of the character, Jason Todd or otherwise.


Meanwhile, Comicbookmovie.com has posted what they claim to be a magazine scan from an unidentified French magazine that seemingly, nonchalantly confirms the identities of several guest stars—including the long rumored Scoot McNairy, Jena Malone and Callan Mulvey, who purportedly play Jimmy Olsen, Barbara Gordon, and KGBeast/Anatoli Knyazev, respectively. These three actors have long been associated with these roles in other rumors, so it could be a general assumption on the magazine’s part, but make of it what you will.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Speaking at the BAFTA Awards this past weekend, John Boyega briefly discusses returning to filming, with much praise for director Rian Johnson:

Rian has my heart already. He’s fantastic and he definitely deserves to take the helm after the great J.J. Abrams. So it’s going to be fantastic.



Doctor Strange

Speaking with HeyUGuys, Chiwetel Ejiofor talks about his role as Baron Mordo:

I think he’s a fascinating character. Even in the original framework of that character, I think he’s very fascinating. And fleshing that out and giving three-dimensional quality has been really exciting. And even within the kind of scope, technical and visual scale of the Marvel Universe, I think this is really something unique as well. So, I’m excited for people to see it.



Following the success of Deadpool, producer Simon Kinberg is hopeful an X-Force movie could also be R-Rated:

I think there are some stories that could be R-rated, I don’t know what they are; I mean I think the mainline X-Men movies have their own tone, which is a more operatic tone. It’s more dramatic, it is more PG-13 in a way. ‘X-Force’ I could see being R-rated, and who knows?



Thor: Ragnarok

Australian newspaper Gold Coast Bulletin (via Comicbookmovie.com), while reporting about the movie filming in Australia, claims that Samuel L. Jackson has been pegged to appear in the film as his recurring Marvel character, Nick Fury. Considering the movie is apparently set almost entirely in Asgard and the cosmos, this seems unlikely, but perhaps Fury helps set up the introduction of co-star The Hulk in the movie.


Deadpool 2

Avatar actor Stephen Lang is already throwing his hat in the ring to play Cable in the followup to Deadpool:



A familiar phrase marks the first poster for the film. [CBR]

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War is coming in this, the final trailer for Allegiant.

The Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs discusses the struggles Carl will face going forward now that he is missing significantly more of his face than he previously was after the events of the midseason premier:

So it’ll be interesting to see how Carl’s relationships with others, kids especially, will change, since it was Ron who shot his eye out. At this point, Rick seems pretty okay with letting new people in, but after this event this might change, I don’t know.

I think the eye is more traumatic for both of us. For me, as an actor, I have to deal with one eye on the set now. And for Carl, he’s going to see the world a lot differently as the result of this one incident. I think this time is going to harden him more.


[TV Guide]

Meanwhile, he tells Huffington Post that the show will not be doing another “Is Glenn Dead?”-style storyline again any time soon:

There’s not going to be another fake-out, like you believe a character is dead and they come back. That’s not going to happen again. No way. I do think there are some big and exciting moments, and they’re going to shock a lot of people.


In lighter news, Robert Kirkman describes the next episode as a Lethal Weapon-esque adventure for Daryl and Rick:

I can say that it’s possibly the most fun episode that we’ve had, just seeing those two guys together,” he said of “The Next World.” “It’s almost like a ‘Lethal Weapon’ episode. It’s a lot of fun... There’s some trauma involved and some tragedy, but seeing those two guys together is a lot of fun. It’s a very fun episode.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Young Justice

After producer Greg Weisman began getting fans hopes up for a potential third season of the beloved animated series recently, now it’s the turn of Aqualad voice actor Khary Payton to stoke the flames of futile hope.


Even Payton says this hope isn’t based on anything official, so keep your expectations well and truly in check, Young Justice fans.


The Magicians

Hale Appleman discusses his character, Eliot:

Eliot is someone who is constructing an image of himself. He’s very consciously collaging together influences that appear attractive to him, or sophisticated to him, or put together, or stylish, or enigmatic. He is putting together all of these pieces into a sort of image that he’d like to project to everyone he meets, which is all kind of a mask and all a construct and all in an effort to not necessarily look at what he’s really feeling on the inside. He is masking a lot of pain and vulnerability and shame.

He has come from a place that rejected him and he has reimagined his identity at Brakebills, which is kind of what you see when you meet him. It’s all very intentional. He is someone who loves the party and the laughs and all of the vices that he can find in order not to look at what is really haunting him.



The 100

Finally, here’s a new character poster—you can find more at the link. [Spoiler TV]

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Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Batman v Superman.




There’s also word going around that unless Batman v. Superman makes real bank (1 billion dollars worth), the DCCU could really shrink in size and plans.