The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere Was Pretty Good Despite Itself

The world’s pre-eminent source of zombie entertainment has never exactly been afraid of shooting itself in the foot now and again. It’s like the show has some sort of crippling self-esteem issues, and can’t help sabotaging itself. But this episode in particular felt like The Walking Dead wanted to offer us a delicious…

Dolph Lundgren Reveals One of Aquaman's Big Departures From the Comics

Netflix’s Sabrina series has found one of its aunts. No, Christopher Nolan isn’t directing the next Bond. Jughead’s role in the Riverdale musical episode will sadly not involve singing. Plus, new Santa Clarita Diet casting and teases for Roy Harper’s return to Arrow. To me, my Spoilers!

There's Already Rumors About the Identity of a Fourth Cloverfield Movie 

Gwendoline Christie really wants Phasma to be in Star Wars: Episode IX. Gambit may have faced yet another setback. Pokémon are missing in the first set pictures from Detective Pikachu. Brad Peyton talks Rampage and breaking the video game movie curse. Plus what’s to come on Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers, away!

Rick Loses More Than the Battle on The Walking Dead's Midseason Finale

We all knew Rick’s siege against the Saviors couldn’t work. There’s no way our heroes could fight an antagonist so powerful and defeat him with a single attack. Moreover, we knew Negan would never be beaten in a mere mid-season finale. So the question wasn’t if Rick was going to lose, but what he was going to lose.

Even Rick's Sexy Bod Cannot Distract From the Inevitable Doom Coming to The Walking Dead

Here’s the thing about The Walking Dead: Even when it’s pretty good, it can still be very frustrating. And there’s probably no better example of that than last night’s “Time for After,” an episode that managed to be tense, interesting, and extremely aggravating, mostly all at once.

The Walking Dead Took a Breather and Rick Immediately Did Something Idiotic

After five episodes detailing the three-pronged attack on the Saviors’ headquarters, several outposts, and a great deal of post-op clean-up, it makes perfect sense that the show would finally see what the hell everyone else is up to. Unfortunately, it means last night’s episode was a bit of a letdown from its recent…

The Walking Dead Just Delivered Its Best Episode in Ages

If there’s a reason we’ve all kept watching The Walking Dead after its last two lackluster seasons, I’d hazard a guess that last night’s episode is why. “The Big Scary U” was a reminder that the show can be legitimately excellent TV thanks to its first truly thoughtful and compelling look at Negan—and the reason why…

Ezekiel Has an Extremely Bad Day on a Pretty Darned Good Walking Dead

When we last left Ezekiel, he and the soldiers of the Kingdom were getting shot to hell by a giant gatling gun located at the top of the Saviors’ compound, shortly after about three solid hours of the king gloating that not a single of his people’s lives would be lost this day. Obviously, Ezekiel was rather wrong, but…

Forget the Rick-Negan War, a Much Bigger Conflict Is Brewing on The Walking Dead

Wow. The war between Rick and Negan we’d been teased with for two full seasons may have arrived—and is still in full-swing—but a different battle is taking place simultaneously, and it’s arguably the more important one. For eons, Rick has preached to his people it’s “us” or “them.” Now, he’s finally starting to see he…

Robert Kirkman's New Comic Oblivion Song Is About a Nation Trying to Move Past a Supernatural Tragedy

Massive, modern-day disasters that shake countries to their core come in many different forms. But whether they’re natural like hurricanes or man-made like mass shootings, the nations they befall are almost always able to move forward in large part because people can explain what happened. How, though, does a country…