Forget the Rick-Negan War, a Much Bigger Conflict Is Brewing on The Walking Dead

Wow. The war between Rick and Negan we’d been teased with for two full seasons may have arrived—and is still in full-swing—but a different battle is taking place simultaneously, and it’s arguably the more important one. For eons, Rick has preached to his people it’s “us” or “them.” Now, he’s finally starting to see he…

Robert Kirkman's New Comic Oblivion Song Is About a Nation Trying to Move Past a Supernatural Tragedy

Massive, modern-day disasters that shake countries to their core come in many different forms. But whether they’re natural like hurricanes or man-made like mass shootings, the nations they befall are almost always able to move forward in large part because people can explain what happened. How, though, does a country…

Daniel Radcliffe Is in Robot Chicken's Walking Dead Special Because the Actual Actor Wouldn't Sing

Remember Gareth, the leader of the cannabilistic Terminus faction from Walking Dead’s fifth season? Well, Robot Chicken wanted actor Andrew J. West to reprise the role for a goofy skit for the upcoming Walking Dead special episodes. But it turns out West can’t sing, so the team recruited Daniel Radcliffe instead.