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It's Rick Vs. Negan Round Two in the Latest Walking Dead Trailer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Negan better watch out, because the gang is back together.

In the first half of the current season of The Walking Dead, Rick and his people were mostly separated, as they each played their own part in the big attack on Negan. In the midseason finale, almost everyone reunited after having their asses thoroughly kicked. Well, in this new trailer for the second half of the season, it’s clear they aren’t done fighting.

Everyone has headed to the Hilltop to regroup after their half-season-long battle, or at least that’s what the trailer suggests. Frankly, I thought this storyline would be over a long time ago. Nevertheless, there is still some intriguing new footage in this trailer and it’s worth checking out.

So what stands out here? Well, Gabriel isn’t looking too good. Jadis is shown being emotional, which is very out of character. Carl is still spouting truth as he slowly dies from that zombie bite. And, also, Rick, please stop saying you are going to kill Negan! We got it the first 200 times!


And yet, the show’s still got our attention. We’re curious to see how this all plays out when The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season eight on February 25.