A Crazy Woman Kept a Rotting Vegetable in Her Fridge for Two Years Because She Thought It Was an Alien

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Marta Yegorovnam, who I'm assuming is either a lunatic or an evil prankster, says she has kept an alien corpse in her refrigerator for two years. Apparently, she found this green alien after a UFO crashed right outside her house.

To her credit, this 'alien' does look like a descendant of Jabba the Hutt so maybe her Star Wars love incepted her to believe such foul creatures really exist. But even if this green blob was an alien from outer space, and it most definitely isn't, what in the world was it doing in Yegorovnam's fridge for two years? Did she think it'd be safe there? Did she think her food would be safe with a dead alien rotting next to it? Did she open the fridge door and talk to it when she was lonely? Is there no sane logic in insane people?

Yegorovnam is from the western Russian city of Petrozavodsk and has said that when she found the thing, it was next to a burning UFO that was 'unbearably hot'. Right. As Jabba-ish as this blubber gets—and the oversized head, poop shaped body and permanent scowl are all very Jabba-like—it's probably nothing more than a rotten vegetable—zucchini? cucumber? In fact, we all probably have a few rotting veggies cum alien lying in the back of our fridges too. [Daily Mail]