Video Shot From Fighter Jets Will Melt Your Face

To help Saab Defence and Security capture some spectacular footage of its Gripen fighter jet, a Swedish-based company called Blue Sky used a custom-built gyro-stabilized camera system that can ride along at speeds of over 345 miles per hour.


When paired with a 6K Red Dragon digital cinema camera and a $40,000 Canon camera lens, the resulting footage provides a never-before-seen opportunity to ride along in a fighter like you were almost sitting in the cockpit.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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dont Sob for SAAB. They get to focus on doing cool things like this instead of rebadged GM refuse and lightly nose-engineered subarus.

i really really really really wish koenigsegg would turn saab into a tesla fighter with sweedish style. maybe even a mix of electric and freevalve stuff too.