A Custom-Made, Data-Driven Butt Plug for Each GOP Presidential Candidate

Illustration for article titled A Custom-Made, Data-Driven Butt Plug for Each GOP Presidential Candidate

Forget everything that's come before: these data-driven butt plugs are far and away the best use of 3D-printing technology on this side of the 2012 presidential campaign.

Grand Ole Party is a data visualization of voter approval rates, amongst registered republicans, for each of the GOP candidates. It's also a set of butt plugs.


To make them, Matthew Epler culled data from Gallup's website and used it to create line graphs that represent the fluctuating vote-approval rating of each GOP candidate. Longer plug = longer campaign. Next, the line graphs were imported into a 3D program that turns them into renderings of solid shapes, then a prototype of each one was 3D printed. From the prototypes, molds were made and filled with black silicone: and voila! For $350, you can own the full set of GOP butt plugs. A single unit costs $65 ($45 for Perry or Bachmann, as their campaigns—and thus plugs—were shorter than the rest).

Somewhere, I hope, someone is telling Romney: You can take yer approval ratings and shove 'em straight up yer ass! (Which, if you take a gander at his plug, better be a gaping, Goatse-sized hole.) [Matthew Epler via @holmesdm]


So, there I was "Should I read gizmodo?" Clearly no. Apparently, the depravity here knows no limits. It's pretty vile that you can't simply disagree with a person's political beliefs any longer. If you're a liberal, your optics are just: they're evil. Make any twisted, disgusting remark, statement or joke and you're perfectly fine.