A Detailed Description of Why Human Skin Is Amazing

As Minute Earth rightly points out, we could avoid a lot of flesh wounds by having thicker armored skin like a pangolin. But the energy needed to generate and maintain that armor wasn't evolutionarily worth it for us to expend because we put so much fuel into our enormous brains. We can think of ways to escape danger or make intelligent plans to avoid dangerous situations in the first place. And we do have scales, they're just not visible to the naked eye, but they protect us from tons of microbes. A lot is going on with our skin as the layers form, live out their life rising to the surface and then die. Watch this video and then go exfoliate.


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Acne.....'nuf said.

I'd rather have the skin of an armadillo or elephant as you don't see them with acne. And don't give me the whole BS of "Just wash your face" or "see a dermatologist". I've had acne for 14 years now (i'm 27) and I've been to 5 dermatologists. One's in my early days said "You'll grow out of it" and the two in the last 4 years said "There is nothing more we can do for you, save your money and don't make another appointment".

So again, I'd gladly take armadillo skin and maybe be a circus act then look like i have leprosy and too hideous for a circus :(