A Fan Found An Undiscovered Doctor Strange Easter Egg At The Perfect Time

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Stephen Strange and weatherman Phil Connors have more in common than you’d expect.

Connors, of course, is the character played by Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, named after the holiday which occurs every year on February 2nd. For some mysterious reason, Connors gets trapped in a time loop on February 2nd, an event that reshapes his entire personality and traps him in a sort of purgatory for a long, long time.


Apparently, Stephen Strange suffers his own weird incident on Groundhog Day. In the recent Doctor Strange film, according to a quick glimpse of a watch, we know that Stephen Strange’s accident, which spurs on the events leading to him taking up the mantle of sorcerer, occurred on February 2nd, at a quarter past five. Director Scott Derrickson confirmed the finding on Twitter, where he says he’s been waiting a long time for someone to notice.


It’s a reasonable inclusion, as Doctor Strange also has a substantial interest in the power of time loops. The best part? The Easter Egg was discovered (or, at least, publicized) yesterday, on Groundhog Day.

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