Popping into the fridge for a quick snack isn't that difficult a chore, so why would anyone need an icebox with auto-opening doors? Well imagine yourself needing one last ingredient while your hands are covered in whatever you're baking, and you'll realize the genius of Toshiba's Vegeta line of refrigerators.

A small panel on the front of the door responds to taps from any part of your exposed body, automatically opening the door so you can grab what you need. But if you don't want kids or talented pets gaining access, a manual mode can still be activated.


As the name implies, the Vegeta line also focuses on keeping your vegetables fresh and easily accessible, with a crisper drawer located at mid-level and a built-in deodorizing system neutralizing ethylene gas which in turn slows ripening. A massive 618 liter version will be available in Japan for around $3,500, while a smaller 481 liter option will be slightly more affordable at around $2,700. [Impress Watch via Newlaunches]