A Giant Foam Ravage Is The Ultimate Transformers Kitchen Accessory

I was thinking the other day, 'You know what every Kitchen in the world needs? A giant model of Ravage!'. It would seem that I was not the first person to have this thought.

This incredible (and bloody massive) model of Ravage's Gen 1 appearance is by Jamie Young of Foamtastic Props, and was made last year - although he's currently working on a much smaller scale version of the model that's roughly the size of a VHS tape. A tad more convenient that having a Ravage that is the size of your kitchen table, but awesome nonetheless.


It's kind of amazing how simple the model's aesthetic is, and yet there's still a ton of detail in the actual building of it and in areas like Ravage's neck and in the claws. Seeing on such a big scale sort of highlights just how strong the original Transformer's aesthetic can still be, even in the age of excessively overdesigned characters (including the Transformers themselves). Check out plenty more behind the scenes pics of the model at the link below.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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