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A Girl's Stomach Was Removed Because She Drank a Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you're celebrating your birthday, it's completely normal to get a little crazy! Everybody does it. So you have to feel sorry for poor Gaby Scanlon, a British teenager, who ended her 18th birthday night with an emergency operation to remove her stomach. What? It's because she drank a cocktail that had liquid nitrogen.

As most people know, liquid nitrogen is so cold it burns and if ingested, can cause severe internal damage. But a few bars use liquid nitrogen in their cocktails to flash freeze the drink and/or add a cloud of vapor around the glass. It's cool! But not so cool when you have to get surgery.

According to the Guardian, Gaby Scanlon began to feel sick during the night of her birthday after drinking a Jagermeister drink made with liquid nitrogen, "becoming breathless and developing severe stomach pain." Gaby was diagnosed with a 'perforated stomach' and the police said her condition actually could have been fatal if the doctors didn't operate immediately. Removing her stomach saved her life.


But, uh, how does a person live without a stomach? Apparently it's possible! The BBC explains that people without a stomach can still eat and drink normal food but just have to watch their portions and take vitamin supplements. Hopefully Gaby can make a full recovery. For the rest of us, make sure any food or drink you eat that uses liquid nitrogen is properly prepared! [Guardian, BBC]