Webcam Abortion Services Offer Crucial Access—So What’s Stopping Them?

A woman contacted Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi’s team on a Friday afternoon, nine weeks and three days into an unwanted pregnancy. Although she butted right up against the Food and Drug Administration’s 10-week regulatory deadline, the patient wanted a medication abortion—a difficult request to satisfy on any doctor’s busy…

23andMe CEO Compares DNA Tests to at-Home Pregnancy Tests, but It's Not That Simple

In a provocative opinion published Monday in STAT, 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki argues that home DNA test customers don’t need experts to help them interpret genetic health risk reports. Wojcicki compares her company’s health reports, which tell people whether they are at risk of developing certain diseases, to at-home…

Deadpool Wants to Give You His Snazzy New Pink Suit for a Very Good Cause

Do you think Ryan Reynolds actually sits down in costume for every Deadpool 2 ad spot that isn’t just footage from the actual movie, or is it just some guy in a suit with Reynolds’ voice dubbed over in post? Either way, whoever this pink Deadpool is, he’s got a very special proposal he’d like to share with the world.