Hey Readers,
Charlie W. is on vacation. And while he's road tripping, Richard Baguley is giving us a helping hand. You might notice something...literate about his posts. That's because he's from England! They hit you with a ruler if you F*ck up your words. Being from the land of Benny Hill makes him naturally charming, witty, and perhaps slightly perverted. Also, he's a veteran when it comes to gadget wrangling. He's written with me at Wired Magazine, but you also might have seen his work in PC World, Mac World, and other geektastic publications. Treat him as well as you treat us, ok? (Spare him the comment-wedgies, though.) His contact info, and bio, after the jump.

"Born on a dark and stormy night in northern England many years ago, Richard Baguley has been reviewing gadgets and gizmos for more years than he would care to remember. He writes for publications such as PC World, Wired, Macworld and many others. His first computer was a BBC model B (he would have got a ZX Spectrum, but they were sold out). When he isn't trying to break pieces of expensive equipment, he works with a local animal rescue group and takes pictures of his two dogs Fester and Julius. His hobbies include talking about himself in the third person."

Email: Gizmodo@baggers.com IM: richardgizmodo