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A Glimpse Into What's Hopefully the Future of Healthcare

Illustration for article titled A Glimpse Into Whats Hopefully the Future of Healthcare

You know Frog Design even if you don't know Frog Design. Their ideas influenced companies including Sony and Apple. And in a recent piece for Fast Company, they presented a thesis on a tech-savvy future for healthcare that's worth reading.


The entire article is 9 pages of well-reasoned scenarios involve wireless devices galore, dynamic health monitoring and remote doctor consultation. Some of the technology looks to be lifted from Star Trek, but most of the ideas could be implemented tomorrow, should someone bankroll the cash, time and necessary legislation. (Keep in mind, US healthcare won't even acknowledge devices as practical as the iPhone.)


My personal favorite idea was this Smart Mirror (and not just for the PG-level cartoon nudity). It's a touchscreen monitor that can track most vitals through your hand. But it does a lot more, from listing your recent exercises to tracking your sleep patterns to performing bi-weekly body scans to test for melanoma.

From these short, daily checks, a doctor is left with a ton of analyzable trend data (surely software could be employed to summarize trends) that's potentially more reliable than general self-reporting. The user is left with a mirror on their bathroom wall—something they had in the first place.

Very cool stuff. [Fast Company]

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Be honest. How many of you clicked JUST BECAUSE there was a barely-clothed woman in the thumbnail?