A good camera system needs lots of lenses, and Sony is taking their full-frame FE system a step forward with some new hunks of glass. We caught a whiff of these last year when Sony first teased them, but now we have a full rundown of pricing and availability.

28mm f/2 (with fisheye and ultra-wide converters) - $450


This should be a great small-ish walkaround prime. I personally love the 28mm focal length, and as an A7 owner, I will probably be stocking my bag with this lens first. You can also get converters to turn this lens into a fisheye or ultra-wide. The fisheye converter will give you 16mm at f/3.5, and the ultra-wide will give you 21mm at f/2.8. Both are $300. Available in early May.

Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/1.4 ZA - $1600

This is the big, bright, high quality 35mm lens that people wanted when Sony launched the A7 series. Now you see why they didn't come out with it first. It's huge and expensive. I'll stick with the terrific and small 35mm f/2.8, but no doubt this will satisfy all those bokeh-lovers out there. Available mid-April.

90mm f/2.9 Macro G OSS - $1100


Yay, macro! Great for close-up shooting and portraits as well. Available in July.

24-240mm f/3.5-6/3 OSS - $1000


Sort of like a kit lens, but hopefully better considering the price-tag. Travelers will love this one, but color me skeptical about its image quality. I hope I'm wrong! Available mid-March.