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A Keyboard For Long-Nailed, Chubby-Fingered Individuals

Illustration for article titled A Keyboard For Long-Nailed, Chubby-Fingered Individuals

Got long nails or chubby fingers? Are you struggling to type on a regular keyboard? No worries, some clever Japanese folks have acknowledged your troubles and designed keyboards with extra spacing between the keys.


It's worth noting that the keyboard shown in the video doesn't appear to have any more spacing between the keys than those on recent MacBook Pro laptops, so perhaps Apple's been thinking about chubby fingered folks and ladies all along. [Japan Probe]

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What's up with that long fingernail thing?

Do chicks really believe it looks good?

Or is it an advertisement that they'll win in a scratch fight?

I always assumed nails like that said, "My day job is in porn."

Then I started wondering "Doesn't that really, really hurt?"