A Keyboard With Letters Replaced By Pokemon Has You Now Catching Typos

You don't necessarily have to be a touch typist to use this custom keyboard created by Ingrid Pierre, but if you're not you will need to know the names of the most popular Pokemon since the letters on the 26 alphabet keys have all been replaced by their correspondingly-named pocket monsters.


You've got Pikachu sitting atop the 'P' key, Bulbasaur where the 'B' should be, and even a standard Pokeball stenciled over the numerical keypad on the right. It's doubtful Ingrid plans to mass produce and sell her creation—Nintendo would certainly have something to say about that venture—but at least she's been gracious enough to share photos of the keyboard so the rest of us can sit back and stare in envy. [Bēhance via Geekosystem via Albotas]

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