A Kid Turned His Jeans Into a Pair of Drums

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This kid is genius! Aseem Mishra, a 17-year-old Brit, designed a pair of jeans that could be used as a drum kit. So when he wears his jeans and starts drumming his lap, well, it sounds like the drums.


Spurred by the annoyance of having to lug drums around, Mishra wove 8 pressure sensitive sensors into the denim to get his full kit. The jeans have to be plugged into a speaker set, which is conveniently located in the kid's backpack. He's basically a one man band. Be sure to watch the video in action, it's a fantastic idea (we all faux drummed before!) and the kid looks like he's having the time of his life. Watch it at BBC. [BBC]

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I was in the music business for about 20 years and hired a lot of different musicians over the years. Outside of a few exceptions they generally fell into categories. Keyboard players were the coolest of the lot. It was a pleasure to be in their company. The biggest pains in the ass, by far, were the drummers. They never stopped banging on things. Even in a nice restaurant, they'd be banging on things with a knife and fork. In our vehicle they'd be banging on the seats or the windows or their own legs. It's not their fault, they're just living in a different zone and are difficult to be around. What would music be without a good solid drummer? Just don't try living or traveling with one.