If there’s one contraption in your kitchen that never gets lost in a drawer, it’s your paper towel holder. It’s as essential to baking and cooking as your stove is—so integrating a one-handed kitchen timer on top of one is not just clever. It’s downright brilliant.


With clear markings allowing it to be easily set to the minute, the mechanical timer on this paper towel holder can actually count off a full hour. But it will never be in the way when you’re juggling a counter full of ingredients. Instead, it will actually remain closer to eye level at all times while you’re bustling around in the kitchen. At $44 it’s a bit pricey, until you think of all the cooking timers you’ve had to buy, and re-buy, because they disappeared into that one catch-all utility drawer we all have in our kitchens. [Royal KVB via The Green Head]