A Knockoff, Made-in-China Phone Electrocuted and Killed a Man

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In a horrifically sad story, Dhanji Damor, a 25-year-old man in India, was electrocuted when he used a "shanzai cell phone" while it was charging. Shanzai means it's a knockoff, an imitation, a fake made in China.


Damor's friends rushed him to the hospital but when they arrived, doctors pronounced him dead due to electrocution. This isn't even the first time a poorly made, knockoff phone has killed someone in India. Back in 2010, a woman was killed due to a similar incident of using a made-in-China phone while it was charging.

The market of cheap imitation goods from China is incredibly hard to police, so this might not even be the last death. It's just not worth it. Even if a phone, an iPod, an anything looks the same, works the same and only costs pennies on the dollars, there's a reason for that. It's poorly made and downright dangerous. Don't fall for it. [Shanzai via UberGizmo]

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Unfortunately this crap will continue until idiot consumers stop caring only about price. If there wasn't a market for knockoff goods, the Chinese wouldn't have a reason to continue to broach copyrights and patents.

Many companies (especially in the performance Automotive aftermarket industry) have been driven out of business by Chinese knockoffs. The problem is twofold. First of all, companies have to charge a particular price to cover R&D costs. The Chinese only have to cover the cost of one product and its reverse engineering. So obviously, the Chinese knockoff is cheaper, which therefore results in lost revenue to the original business.

A second, more subtle problem with reverse-engineering stems from just how bad the Chinese are at it. Inevitably, the reverse-engineered knockoff is of sub-par quality. This often makes the original company look bad since many consumers might not know it is a knockoff, causing a damage to their reputation and further reduced revenue.

Anybody into cars remember XS Engineering? They made some of the best forced-induction stuff on the planet until Chinese knockoffs destroyed their business. Now they no longer exist. HKS pulled out of the US market in part due to the same reasons.

The fact that we let the Chinese get away with this shit is unbelievable.