If you had to pinpoint one common feature of all the backup batteries on the market, it would probably be their uninspired brick-like form factor. There are exceptions, though, but none as elegant and civilized as Brando's new lightsaber-themed portable backup battery.


It's highly detailed, it lights up, and carrying this around instead of a plastic brick seems a lot more fun. But at $50 it's a little on the expensive side for just 2,800 mAh of power. However, our bigger complaint is that it's only available in a Darth Vader version, instead of the lightsabers crafted by Luke and Obi-Wan which are slightly more iconic.

Also, we're never exactly thrilled when our smartphones start dying before the day is out. So the last thing we need is an accessory encouraging Sith-like behavior when we're already upset. [Brando via Chip Chick]

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