A Lightweight Cork Sofa Means You'll Never Hire a Mover Again

Beds can be dismantled, legs can come off dining tables, and shelves can be emptied, but that large sofa in your living room? That's not getting any smaller or lighter for moving day. And all it takes is one time moving a nightmarishly heavy sofa bed yourself to long for Lucie Koldova's alternative made from cork.


It doesn't fold out to accommodate guests, that's true. But even a toddler could move this Corques sofa from one apartment to the next. And since it's made from a single large block of condensed cork, it won't crumble like the corkboard on your wall. In fact, it's actually far more durable than most woods, absorbing and hiding all those nicks and bumps from daily use. Now here's to hoping it doesn't cost as much as a small car. [Lucie Koldova via Freshome]

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