A Locking Dog Leash Ensures No One Ever Pinches Your Pooch

Coming out of a store to find your car has been stolen is an inconvenience. But coming out of a shop to discover someone has taken your dog? That's devastating. It's upsetting to think there are actually dognappers in this world, but if you're always tying your pup up somewhere, the lockable Safespot leash seems like a good idea.


The $60 Safespot's adjustable collar locks around your dog's neck requiring a special key to remove it, and the retractable handle features an extra nylon loop for securing it to rails or other permanently fixed and secure spots. But what's stopping someone from just cutting the leash itself? It's actually reinforced with a steel cable core, making it difficult for someone to quickly make off with your dog—especially if it's a golden retriever and won't stop licking the perp's face. [Pawz via The Green Head]

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