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A Lumia 900 Will Cost New AT&T Customers Zero Dollars

Illustration for article titled A Lumia 900 Will Cost New ATT Customers emZero Dollars/em

And you thought Nokia's new Windows Phone was dirt cheap at $99 to begin with.


Ahead of the Lumia 900's impending launch April 8th, AT&T is allowing pre-orders on the phone with a two-year contract, while Walmart is offering the cyan-colored model (above) for $49. And if you're willing to jump ship from your current carrier and purchase the phone online, AT&T is offering a $100 discount on the $100 phone (that means it's free). The phones are slated to ship on April 5th and arrive by the next day—two days before they hit store shelves. [AT&T via The Verge]

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That's..........actually pretty tempting. The lumia 900 is a sweet phone, and I'd love to give WP7 a try. However, with windows "superphones" and Apollo WP8 coming out later this year along with the next iphone and probably some impressive android phones as well - I just can't pull the trigger.