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Holy Crap: Nokia's Hot New Windows Phone Will Only Be $99

Illustration for article titled Holy Crap: Nokias Hot New Windows Phone Will Only Be $99

AT&T has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone will be available on April 8th. For $99. No, there is not a number missing.


For a shit-hot LTE smartphone running the objectively beautiful Windows Phone OS, $100 with a two-year contract is an absolute steal.


We first got our hands on the Lumia 900 a few months ago, and we loved it. The big question remained when we would actually see it in the US and what it would cost us. At $100, it's a ridiculous bargain considering just over a month ago, Nokia started offering the Lumia 800—which isn't LTE—as a crazy $800 bundle. If you held out for the Lumia 900, your patience has been rewarded. [CNET]

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Nice hardware but WP7 is the no mans mobile OS. I like apps and all the apps are on Android and iOS.

WP7 feels like a feature phone and not a real smart phone.