Lumia 900 Hands On: The Best Windows Phone Made Huge and More Awesome

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The Lumia 900 is a gorgeous phone—gorgeous enough to make waves if it hadn't been beaten to the party by its little sister the Lumia 800. Or maybe two sisters, if you count the closely related N9.

The 900 feels great. The screen is especially nice, and it's all the more impressive because it's running the same 800x480 Windows Phone standard (confirmed). Like the HTC Titan, it outperforms its resolution spec, except the color performance on the ClearBlack AMOLED screen might actually look a little better.

The ESPN app, which has been MIA since its announcement, was in effect, and even though the Nokia reps said that the software was a "little buggy," we had a smooth experience, and the app worked perfectly. The coolest part was a "social" screen in the app that scans the social media landscape of sports. It's pretty cool and makes a ton of sense fo anyone who's got a "sports" list on Twitter that's painfully out of date.


The LTE service was subject to the Las Vegas CES week tax, so we weren't even able to run speed tests. But you can bet we'll those results for you as soon as they're available.