A Magnifying Glass Spoon Lets You Spot Even Tiny Flies In Your Soup

When you're eating at a restaurant, you're putting a tremendous amount of faith in the kitchen and wait staff that your food will be kept as contaminant-free as possible. But if you're really worried about an establishment's hygiene, make sure you're always carrying Object Solutions' Magnifying Spoon that lets you inspect your meal up close beforehand.


Designed by Ernesto D. Morales, Carlos Maldonado, and Juan Pablo Viedma, there's a good chance you'll offend the proprietor of wherever you're dining when you pull out the Magnifying Spoon, but that's a small price to pay if it means you don't end up with a disgusting spoonful of bugs, cigarette ash, or cilantro.


A limited edition run of the Magnifying Spoons is being made available this fall, and if you're interested you'll want to reach out to Object Solutions directly about ordering one. Or you can simply take your chances with a minimum wage cook who's more interested in their shift ending than what exactly ends up in your food. [Object Solutions via Nag on the Lake]

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Team Live Badass

I wish I could take a bath in cilantro while a cilantro candle was burning next to my cilantro air freshener of my cilantro wallpaper themed bathroom.